Now booking for Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Modern school portraits are available to preschools, charter schools, daycare centers, private schools and homeschool groups in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

My sessions run much like your typical big box school portrait business, however I offer a more personal approach and a timeless take on the classic portrait. Your families will cherish their child's portrait and will have the option of purchasing prints, digitals, canvases and more. Parents view and place all orders online through their child's password protected photo gallery. All print orders are shipped directly to the address provided at checkout so the school is not responsible for distributing school photos. Digital orders are delivered via instant download. 

I work with each school to determine the best time of the school year to offer these photographs to their families. Please email to schedule a time to meet. 

Parent info

What should my child wear?
Keep it simple, and avoid distracting choices such as shirts with large pictures, patterns or logos. Avoid neon/bright colors. 

Do I have to Pre-Pay for a Package?
No.   You will receive a photo gallery invite via email about two weeks after school photos are taken,  then you will be able to view and order the photos you like best. Print and digital purchasing options are available. 

When will I see pictures?
Approximately two weeks after picture day, depending on the size of your school, your images will be available for viewing in a private online gallery.

Do I get more than one picture to choose from?
Yes, usually parents get 5-7 images to select from. Keep in mind that some children are more camera shy than others, so this will vary some.

How do I order pictures?
You will receive an email directly from Kelly Power Photography with the log-in info to your child’s password protected gallery and from there your can select your favorite images.
There are several packages to choose from, as well as the option to order a canvas, magnets and digital files. 

How do I pay for my pictures?
Credit Card or Paypal via the online photo gallery. Special arrangements to pay by cash or check can be made if needed.  

Can I send family and friends to see the pictures? Can they place orders too?
Yes, you can! Simply share your link and give them your personal access code to enter your child's photo gallery. 

What about siblings? Can they be photographed even if they don’t go to the school?
It depends on your school. Most schools allow sibling photos to take place with me 30 minutes before the school day starts or we can pull the siblings together during school day photos if time permits. 

What if I do not like the photos? 
You are not obligated to purchase. 


School Info

Before Picture Day: 
It is best for the school to let parents know at least 3 to 4 weeks before the scheduled photo day that photos will take place. I will also provide reminder stickers for teachers to put on each child as they leave the classroom the day before photo day. 

I will work with the school to determine a "day of" schedule that seeks to minimize disruptions to the academic day. Depending on the size of your school, multiple picture days may be necessary.

Setup choices includes a solid black, grey, multi color backdrop for indoors or you can choose a natural outdoor setting with a bench (if the school has an on-campus outdoor area & weather permitting).  We also can discuss a special setup for your school like a Back to School set or a holiday themed set. For indoor settings, I will need access to a room with some natural light and at least one outlet. 

On Picture Day:
The day of school pictures, all children are photographed unless a parent provides a written note asking not to have their child photographed. 

Depending on the schedule, each class will come visit me for individual photos. Class photos can also be scheduled. 

Some children will be more hesitant than others, and I work hard to make every child feel comfortable in front of the camera, even if it means going a bit off the schedule.

To make the day run smoother, I love having a parent volunteer available to check off the names of children as they’re photographed & keep track of the shoot order as well as help keep me on schedule by bringing the next class or set of children in. These volunteers are ‘paid’ with a gift certificate to be used for their own child’s pictures. 

After Picture Day:
Within two weeks, parents will be able to access an online, password-protected gallery of their children’s images. There, they can select their favorites and place their order. A la carte prints and packages are available.

Because my entire system is hosted online, proofs are viewed online, and all orders and payments are processed online. The school does not handle forms, printed proofs, or payments. The whole process is designed to be stress-free and convenient for both the parents and the school!

All online print orders come directly from the professional print lab to the shipping address provided at checkout. If you need editing, please make this request before your place your print order. Purchased digital files will be delivered via email with an instant download link. Watermarks will be removed from purchased photos.