Let's take your business to the next level!

Are YOU fully showing up in YOUR business or are you still hiding behind-the-scenes?

A personal branding session will give you a variety of different images that can be used in a variety of ways throughout your website, social media, and marketing platforms! It’s all about capturing who you are, what you provide, and what makes YOU unique.

During your Personal Branding session, we'll create engaging portraits of you, and in-action business and lifestyle photographs by planning out "stories".


What is the process?

Step 1:

Send me a message and we will get started! I will give you a call to find out more about you and your business and see if we're a good fit. Once you are good to go - you will receive a link to set your photoshoot date, then you will receive a branding questionnaire to help me learn more about your business, where you plan to use your photos, your target audience, etc. so I will have a better idea of what you will need from your photoshoot.

Step 2:

The planning begins! We will schedule two zoom calls to plan out everything for your upcoming photo shoot! The first zoom will run about 30 minutes and we'll cover what you will to prepare for your session. You will also receive a workbook guide to help you get started. Our second zoom meeting will take place the week of your session. We will make a checklist of your props, the location(s), and clothing options per "story" to create a details shot list for your photoshoot.

Step 3:

The best part of the whole process, YOUR PHOTOSHOOT DAY! We will have a fun time! Of course you might be a little nervous but that will fade as you get into your groove. I will walk you through every step, where to stand, what to do with your hands, poise idea, how to incorporate your props. Think of it like telling a story.

About 2 weeks after your session, you will receive your proofing gallery to pick your selection of photo based on your branding package.

Rinse and repeat!


I would LOVE to see your image on a build board, and in magazines!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Include the number of people you'd like to have in your branding session, your business or industry, and what date/location do you have in mine. Unsure when or where you would like your photo session to take place? No problem, we can brainstorm together! Submit the form below to get started.

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