Before we dive in the first thing I want you to know is a brand photo shoot’s sole purpose isn't to just capture beautiful photos, there is strategy behind the visuals. My goals with a brand photo shoot is to help you and your business STAND OUT and thrive in your niche, further developing your brand presence & communicate a story. Photographs communicate a lot, and combined with the right words they are a powerful form of marketing.

Whether you are an entrepreneur planning your first brand photo shoot or a seasoned pro,


Stick to the colour palette you have chosen for your business and use those 3-5 colours in your brand photos. This will ensure your branding is consistent and cohesive throughout your website, print materials and photography.

You can see how beautiful her website and Instagram feed look because the repeated colours are pleasing to the eye, it’s not to busy or chaotic. And by repeatedly using the same colour palette her brand and style is becoming more recognizable towards her audience.