I help business owners feel confident in

showing up as the face of their business through Personal Branding Portraits.

CONFIDENCE.... It's something we're all born with but most of us seem to lose it overtime. Being an entrepreneur, I know it takes a lot to put yourself out there for others to judge... so most of us just hide. I DID, and I'm a photographer! There were YEARS that I did not have one singe photo of myself on my website or social media. Not one.... I want to help YOU with the confidence and the strength to show your face in your business, show your uniqueness as a person, and show what you do best in your business!

NOW, let's get YOU in front of the camera too!

More about me...

I have a Marketing Degree from the University of Alabama. I've been a professional photographer since 2016. I'm the wife to the man of my dreams, and a mom to two amazing, smart, & athletic girls ages 9 and 7... and you'll find us most likely on the soccer field any given day of the week.

I enjoy drinking hot tea, collecting beautiful tea cups & fine china, baking desserts (and eating them!). I love traveling with my husband, any reason to get all dressed up, happy hour specials and cute fancy drinks are the best. I'm working on growing a yard full of roses. I enjoy making homemade ice pops with my girls every summer. I'm always reading self-help or business books - multiple ones at a time... I'm guilty of watching bad romantic comedies, staying up late & sleeping in when I can, any excuse to drink champagne, and enjoying our Sunday mornings family time together over a big breakfast.

I could also live off sushi, tacos, popcorn, and wine....

I am crazy about roses! Just planted this one in our backyard.
Me and my sweet girls. This photo was taken in Evergreen CO.
He is the love of my life!
We make homemade ice pops and share with our neighborhood friends.
Getting fancy for tea.
Quick family snap shot while hiking in the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Austin.
I love to bake! Here's a photo of my most requested dessert (after scones) - Homemade Key Lime Pie.
"We absolutely loved working with Kelly on our professional branding photos. She was a sweet and helpful pro in setting up our photoshoot, even helped me with styling and multiple options/looks. We had so many 'favorites' we had to purchase the entire gallery, it will no doubt be used for many professional settings for years to come." Danielle C.

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